Lee Langley-Rees

Senior Software Engineer

git gruntjs html javascript laravel octobercms php sass zurb-foundation

Junior Premier League Admin Site


Laravel-based CMS for Junior Premier League football website

envoyer html laravel php sass twitter-bootstrap

WJEC internal qualification system


Groovy-based internal web app, built for WJEC, and used for setting up course qualifications (ie. GCSEs, A levels, etc.), grading and general management, across Wales.

groovy html java javascript sass zurb-foundation



A JS dice roller that accepts standard dice notation.

bower grunt javascript npm travis

Telco Sensors


Laravel / OctoberCMS online catalogue and support website, allowing advanced filtering and searching of products. Included was the task of writing import scripts to copy all data from their old system and convert it into a readable format for the new system.

bower grunt laravel laravel-5 mapbox octobercms php sass zurb-foundation



Generic wishlist functionality for October CMS

laravel laravel-5 octobercms octobercms-plugins php



OctoberCms plugin for showing a list of "industries" with associated slideshow images. These can then link to products relating to the industry.

laravel laravel-5 octobercms octobercms-plugins php

WeCare website and mobile app


Internal ticketing, asset management, and driver tracking system, for Costain.
The website was custom PHP with Twitter Bootstrap on the frontend. The mobile app was Cordova-based, using the jQuery Mobile framework, which pulled data from the web API.

cordova css html javascript jquery-ui php rest twitter-bootstrap



Full model and file search plugin for OctoberCMS

laravel laravel-5 octobercms octobercms-plugins php



OctoberCms plugin for handling display of multiple offices with an interactive map.

gis laravel laravel-5 mapbox octobercms octobercms-plugins php



.Net-based Trade to trade vehicles sales website, allowing dealers to add and respond to sales adverts and private message.

bower grunt javascript npm responsive-design sass zurb-foundation



A service for handling file transfers in Phonegap / Cordova.

angular cordova javascript phonegap



Wordpress plugin for connecting to a horoscope API and display user's results in a chart, with CMS for specifying API details. Uses my Wordpress base plugin.

csv php wordpress wordpress-plugin

Daisymoon Designs


Custom Magento website, for the UK’s leading wooden lasercut business

css html javascript magento php



A fully responsive web framework, for rapid web development and quick design.

bill-bootstrap css grid-layout html javascript responsive-design sass

Canopy Check - Landmark


Website side of a mobile app, allowing farmers to track crop growth, connecting to Cambridge University Farm's YieldCheck system for in-depth analysis.

html responsive-design sass



Wordpress Plugin which adds the functionality of displaying sport fixture entries, with stats, pre/post match reports, RSS feeds etc.

php wordpress

Grace and Glory

Responsive e-commerce site selling high quality accessories for the modern household.

css html magento

Craft Paint


E-commerce website for art supplies, using a customised responsive theme

css html javascript magento php

Princess Yachts

Responsive online catalogue to improve Princess Yachts with their sales process, and providing distributors with an eye-catching visual tool to promote its extensive range of luxury yachts. This needed to run on various tablets and connects to their extranet system.

jquery php responsive-design sass

Explore Devon

Interactive website showing tourist locations in devon. It utilises my responsive framework, Bill bootstrap.

bill-bootstrap html javascript responsive-design sass svg

Cavendish Annuities Calculator

Responsive website for calculating annuities. It uses my custom responsive framework, Bill Bootstrap.

bill-bootstrap codeigniter html javascript php responsive-design sass soap

Thunder Laser UK

Online catalogue of laser cutters and accessories with responsive layout, built using Wordpress.

css html twitter-bootstrap wordpress

Exeter Chiefs Rugby


Wordpress site displaying upcoming fixtures, match reports, news articles and media, for Exeter Chiefs Rugby Club.

css javascript php wordpress

Exeter International Airport


Maintaining a legacy Joomla website for Exeter's main airport

css javascript joomla php

Michele Knight


Wordpress site for the world renowned TV psychic Michele Knight

css php wordpress

Vegan Pixie


A vegan food / recipe related blog, with a natural feeling. It utilises my responsive framework, Bill bootstrap.

bill-bootstrap html php responsive-design sass wordpress

Royal Marines Shop

Magento shop for the Royal Marines charity, with a custom theme

css html javascript magento php

Petroleum Economist Map services

A complex GIS system for displaying data on various oil pipelines and gas fields throughout the world. Uses my responsive framework, Bill Bootstrap, with a .NET backend.

bill-bootstrap gis html javascript mapbox responsive-design sass



Base Wordpress theme, which includes bill-bootstrap (a fully responsive HTML5 web framework)

bill-bootstrap php wordpress wordpress-theming

Island Classic Bikes

Bespoke CMS system for a motorbike hire company based in the ISle of Wight

css html php



Base plugin file for faster development of Wordpress plugins. Includes custom form validation, in-built notification system, and plugin page display.

php wordpress wordpress-plugin

Predictions Pro

Bespoke online Premier League Predictions website, allowing users to place predictions on upcoming football fixtures and score points for correct predictions. User's can opt to place money on predictions, with winners automatically selected each week.
Built using the Codeigniter framework, with custom built authentication system and entire back-end for handling fixture information and calculating results.

bill-bootstrap codeigniter html javascript paypal php sass

Envirocheck Analysis Mobile App - Landmark

An app which allows growers to submit a photo-survey of their crop to a web hosted database which analyses the image to provide a geo-located graph of crop development with time. This is then further analysed to provide optimum growing information.

angular bower cordova gis grunt ionic-framework npm openmap phonegap sass

Laser Summer Camp


Bespoke booking system for summer camps and activities. It uses my custom responsive framework, Bill Bootstrap.

bill-bootstrap codeigniter css javascript php sagepay



HTML5 canvas-based Frame renderer, for dynamically creating picture frames around images.
Initially built for a Magento plugin, allowing users t build custom picture frames for purchase.

html5-canvas javascript jquery

Buckland House


Online gallery and calendar system for country holidays and weddings in a beautiful manor house

css jquery jquery-ui php

Team Velinmanjaro - Velindre Cancer Centre

Charity fundraising website for a sponsored climb up Mt Kilimanjaro

css html javascript php

Sport England - Active Places Power


Online tool for retrieving information on sports centres across England.

html javascript sass


Custom form module for ExpressionEngine, allowing fully customisable and auto-generated forms, with full validation, database storage and emailing.

codeigniter expressionengine javascript php

Constables of the Police Federation

Designed for release at the annual Police Federation conference, an online reference of police constables across the UK.

codeigniter css expressionengine html php


A Javascript based parallax scroller, allowing automated bi-directional scrolling to specific elements.

css javascript parallax parallax-javascript-library parallax-scrolling

Rosie Sanders

Online portfolio for a beautifully talented fine artist, with an ExpressionEngine CMS

codeigniter expressionengine html5-shim javascript jquery php

Flete Estate

Brochure website for an exceptionally beautiful estate on the South Devon Coast.

codeigniter css expressionengine javascript php

Stopher Design Partnership

Online portfolio for an Architectural Design company. Built using ExpressionEngine.

codeigniter css expressionengine html javascript php

AMG Petroenergy

ExpressionEngine website for Africa's leading energy service provider.

codeigniter css expressionengine html php


Bespoke CMS system for a global strategy consulting firm.

css html php

Polhawn Fort

Bespoke build for a beautiful wedding venue along the Cornish coast, with dynamic PDF generation for brochures.

css javascript pdf-generation php

SAP browser-based email/messaging system

A fully functional email/messaging system written mostly in frontend languages for global company SAP.

css html javascript jquery php

Lethal Steve

Vector-based marketing for local punk/rock band

illustrator vector

Kudos Stock Management Systems

Catalogue and information website for a merchant payment system and stock management solution provider. Built using ExpressionEngine.

codeigniter css expressionengine html javascript php

Little Oaks Pre-School

Bespoke CMS system for an OFSTED outstanding pre-school

css html php


Indie-chique portfolio for artist duo

css html php

Chancery Costings

Simple website advertising a local law costs draftsman.

css html php

Cadaver Crave

Death metal band website, with a very image-heavy grunge look

css flash html php

Golf Gallery

Custom Paypal integrated e-commerce system for golfing memorabilia

css html paypal php