Green Crafts


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Green Crafts was a completely bespoke e-commerce platform built as a personal project with a lot of care and love.

We wanted to create an online eco-aware community for artists and crafts people, enabling them to sell unique artwork world-wide. All artwork had to be eco-friendly, free from animal products and, preferably, from recycled things. The environmental theme ran through he entire website, from philosophy to design.

Being the first large e-commerce project we had worked on, it was a challenge that we looked forward to, and we learnt a lot of things that have enabled us to learn and build even better e-commerce solutions since then.

The main idea was for many different artists to be able to create their own accounts, where they could upload and sell their items, with full control over prices and shipping costs, with a monthly account service charge equal to a percentage of sales.

Sellers would have complete control over how their item was displayed, and to add different options to a product (ie. size, colour, textual notes), through an advanced setup system.

As each seller could also set their own shipping costs, each page had a link to calculate the shipping costs for items in a user's basket, as well as an in-built currency converter so sellers and buyers could both handle payments in their own preferred currency.

Through the contact form, users and merchants could contact other merchants, which allowed the use of BBCode tags, through our custom BBCode parser.

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