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A custom form module for ExpressionEngine, allowing fully customisable and auto-generated forms, with full validation, database storage and emailing.

Administrators can easily create their own forms, through an intuitive interface. allows them to specify form validation rules on a per-field basis.

Forms can handle file uploads of any type, or you can restrict the type so, for example, users can only upload images. All file uploads are securely checked for malicious code and stored in a non-scriptable directory, to try and ensure safety.

All form submissions are stored in the database, and are viewable through the admin interface. At the same time, they are also sent via email, to the site admin.

Outputting the forms is also very simple; GreenForm can dynamically generate the form, and output it on the page, with a few different customisation settings, or you can create your own custom templates for them, allowing maximum flexibility to match both layout and design of yor website.

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