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High Level Software offer a cloud-based property management system allowing businesses to manage their properties wherever they are, on any device.

With a real time channel manager, allowing business to publish their availability and reservations to third party systems, such as booking.com, EPOS integration, and reporting, you get the full package necessary to manage your business.

It's used by several large hotel chains, including Welsh favourite brewery Brains.

I was brought in to aid in moving the functionality from a legacy monolith project, into a series of smaller and more maintainable microservices, using a combination of Laravel and Lumen.

My expertise also lead me to developing a new customer facing portal that would allow visitors to run advanced searches and comparisons between different hotels, to find the best deals. Users needed to be able to search and filter results by various criteria, including distance from a specified location, price range and number of guests and/or rooms.

It needed to provide the user with sample prices, based on an automatic "best fit" room assignments, based on how many rooms were selected, and the ability to show similar hotels, based on either location or price.

Backing this, is a call centre control panel, enabling a hotel to take bookings over the phone, but with the ability to upsell rooms, or even alternative hotels.

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