OctoberCMS Search

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This is a plugin for the popular October CMS, which provides full text searching of all pages and models.

By default, it has built in integration for a few popular plugins, such as RainLab Pages, and Radiantweb Problog. It also integrates with the several of our own plugins, which were purpose built for a client's online catalogue of products. In fact, it will work with any model that has the relevant properties to display in the search results, or you can easily map your own custom models in the SiteSearch component.

It works primarily by parsing the cached versions of all of the sites pages. We then carry out a full text search on a cached and indexed version of the searchable models, so that we don't have to make expensive searches through the database on each search. This allows us to quickly return masses of searchable data, even from very large datasets.

It is also completely translatable, so can be used for any multilingual websites.

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