Wordpress Base Theme

Open Source

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This is a base Wordpress theme, which includes Bill (a fully responsive HTML5 web framework).

The idea is that this can be used as a parent theme, for developers to create child themes from. The base theme includes all of the default functionality that a typical theme would need, including some extras, such as -

  • Automatic favicon and apple touch icon link tag generation.
  • Meta keyword and description generation
  • Loads jQuery from the Google CDN and allows you to specify which version to load
  • Custom emoticons, in posts and comments
  • And much more...

In theory, you could build a child theme without having to create any of your own theme files, just the style.css file, to determine your own colours, images etc. However, if you want to change the layout, it's just a simple case of creating your own version of any files that need to be changed.

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