Zuz Art


actionscript flash

Zuzana Repakova is a fantastic artist, who works with various media, from photography, digital, and fashion. She came to us in need of a portfolio website, where she could market her work and show of her skills.

The client had a very strong vision of what they wanted, and so we came up with a design that met their expectations; a dark theme, with bright highlights to accentuate certain key aspects. Each section of the site had it's own variation on the theme, to make it unique, and also to link the different pages within the sections together.

The page was a key aspect, which had an animation of a pigeon flying across the screen and landing, gracefully, in the centre of the screen. Upon clicking the pigeon, it waddles off into the distance before loading the homepage.

Once inside, you are presented with a series of image galleries, which is fully animated, when moving between images.

The site itself was completely built in Flash, which connected to a secure back-end file system to enable the client to update their portfolio. Because of the flash-based frontend, we built all of the animations using Actionscript, to give us the ability to fine tune the speed and position of the animations.

If we were to re-build this website now, it would definitely not be in Flash, as Javascript and CSS animations can easy replicate the required functionality.

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